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Calculate age in excel



Calculate age in excel Use DATEDIF or TODAY in calculating a person’s age in Excel formula. There are three arguments in the DATEDIF function. You can easily calculate age in Excel using a combination of Excel features and date of birth. You can calculate the age between the current date and the specified time.

Also, in other situations such as determining project duration or service tenure, the technique shown here can be used.

1.Enter the date of birth or dob into cell A1

Age Calculator in Excel
Age Calculator in Excel

2. Enter TODAY formula in the B2 cell to return the current date.


Get Today Date In excel
Get Today Date In excel

3. The following DATEDIF formula calculates a person’s age. For a third argument, enter “y” to get the full number of years from the date of birth to the date today.


Result age in excel
Result age in excel

Calculate a person’s age without display.

4.Calculate a person’s age without today’s date display.

Age today date
Age today date

Calculate Age In years, months and days

Complete the “ym” argument for the third to ignore years and get the month number between two dates. Fill out “md” to ignore months and get the number of days between two dates for the third argument. To connect strings, use the & operator.

=DATEDIF(A2,B2,"y")&"Y "&DATEDIF(A2,B2,"ym")&"M "&DATEDIF(A2,B2,"md")&"D"

age in years months and days
age in years months and days
Download sample excel to calculate age
Download Excel to calculate age
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