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Loan Calculator

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The Loan Calculator can help you easily calculate the Emi Loan. Calculate the EMI you need to easily understand to pay for your loan.

Calculator of loans to calculate basic types of common loans like mortgages, auto loans, student credits or personal loans. For details on each link click on the links.

A loan or simply a mortgage is either a loan that is used by the buyers of real estate to raise funds to buy property or by existing owners, for whatever purpose, to collect money while lending a mortgage to a property.

loan calculator
loan calculator

Repaying Loan and Calculator

Principal and interest

A secured mortgage credit is paid regularly for the principal and interest for a fixed period of time. A mortgage is an annuity (from the lender’s point of view) and is based on the time value of money formulation for calculating the periodic payments;

How to use Loan EMI Calculator?

Input to meet your EMI is all you need to do:

  • Loan amount: Enter the amount of the loan you want to use
  • Loan Tenure: Enter the desired loan term you want the housing loan to take advantage of. A longer term will help to improve eligibility
  • Interest rate (% P.A.): Interest rate for input.

What is a Loan Amortization Schedule?

While the EMIs will remain largely identical during the entire duration of their loan, the amounts paid will be credited to the principal and interest. The original instalments typically contribute more to the amount of interest when subsequent instalments go to the principal.

An amortisation schedule shall allow for the breakdown of the amounts repaid to capital and interest, together with their respective balance sheets each year.

Loan Calculator Emi Schedule
Loan Calculator Emi Schedule

Who can apply for a loan?

  • Senior employees (working in government and private sector
  • Specialists (e.g. doctors, engineers, dentists, architects, bookkeepers, cost accountants, company secretary, business advisors, etc.);
  • Company staff and filing returns from income tax
  • Persons over 21 and not more than 60-65 years ideally.