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Personal Loan EMI Calculator

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Loan EMI
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Total Payment
(Principal + Interest)

Personal Loan EMI calculator makes you find out the monthly installments on your loan by EMI calculator easily. The chart shows how much the loan duration and the interest component reimbursed. The calculator is easily and intuitively designed.

personal loan emi and schedule calculator
personal loan emi and schedule calculator

Advantages of a Personal Loan Calculator:

The personal loan used for any purpose, Like training, refurbishment, medical emergency or any other purpose.

For a personal loan, no security or guarantees are required.Minimum documents to obtain a personal loan are required. Reduces the time that a loan is processed. All you need to secure your personal loan is: proof of identification, proof of address and evidence of income.

How can EMI loans be reduced?

  • Choose a longer repayment tenure – it helps you to extend the loan cost over a longer period of time and supports you in making small installments.
  • Discuss a lower interest rate with the loan provider.
  • Maintaining a strong CIBIL score for lower interest rates and lowering EMIs.
  • Shopping and reimbursement of the best deals according to your needs.

How do I use EMI Calculator Personal Loan?

The following is all you need to do to approach your EMI:

  1. Loan Amount: Enter the amount of loan you want to use
  2. Tenure of loan (in years): Enter the requested term of the loan for which the loan will be used. A longer term will help to improve eligibility
  3. Interest rate (% P.A.): Interest rate of input.
personal loan calculator
personal loan calculator

Documents to used for Personal loan

  • Pay slips and Form 16
  • Salaried Bank statements
  • Income-Tax Returns
  • Age proof (Aadhaar, Passport, PAN card, Driving License, etc.)
  • Address proof (Aadhaar, Passport, Driving License, electricity bill, telephone bill, ration card, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Personal Loan

What is a Personal Loan EMI?

If you use a personal loan for a certain period, EMI or Equated Monthly instalment will be the amount payable each month. The EMI is used to pay the principal amount of the loan and the interest of the loan on the tenure of the loan, until the loan is fully paid. Throughout the term, the EMI will remain the same.

What are the Benefits of a Personal Loan EMI Calculator?

Calculation of fast EMI
Reduces the risk of mistakes
helps in the assessment through EMI calculation of an appropriate repayment schedule
Helps select a suitable amount that can be repaid over time without affecting the financial health of a borrower.